I'm a hopeful kind of sad. The kind of sad that just takes time.

Most things about me are hard to explain, I guess, like how I’m mostly delusional and live in a half-imaginary world but am also a realist to the core. I’m just a bunch of contradictions most of the time and I don’t like it, but I also do.

—Marianna Paige  (via mercurieux)

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Let me tell you how you will be loved.
Well and honest.
Patiently and reverently.
Truly and unapologetically.
With the lights on. With the lights off.
With no one but the moon watching.
With everyone watching.
Bravely. Freely.
Always. Closely. Happily.
Let me tell me where you will find
that love.
In your own hands first, baby.
In your own damn hands.

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If opening your eyes, or getting out of bed, or holding a spoon, or combing your hair is the daunting Mount Everest you climb today, that is okay.

—Carmen Ambrosio (via perfect)

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I am the sea and nobody owns me
I belong to myself
I am the sky and I am mine
I am mine

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Any idiot can face a crisis; it’s this day-to-day living that wears you out.

—Anton Chekhov (via durianquotes)

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straight boys think girls can’t take compliments, and that’s ridiculous cause i’ve seen so many girls compliment each other, i’ve seen conversations & friendships blossom from girls complimenting each other in line, on the street, at school waiting for the bus, pretty much anywhere.

the problem is straight boys think sexual harassment & assault are compliments.

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I made a comic from the mechanic/robot thing i drew a while back BUT THEN I REALIZED THAT I HAD TOO MANY THINGS I WANTED TO DRAW and i couldn’t fit it in 10 pictures and then i gave up and ended up with some small thing without any plot omfg i can’t do comics 

im sorry that it is an OBNOXIOUSLY LONG POST but it’s easier to read this way  i thin k /  



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